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Thank you for the beautiful 1/2 lamb box.
The recipe for lamb shanks inspired me to cook that for tea.
I added the forquatre chops and lamb necks. Oh my gosh. Wow!!!
Wow wow!! Amazing, so delicious! Absolutely to die for!
Thank you for sharing your divine lamb with us!! - Georgie

Hey guys,
Picked up my order for the shop today, impressed is an understatement.
Thanks for the bonus Liver, and also for bagging it all up perfectly, love your work. - Russ

Morning Danielle
We had some of the GF lamb sausages last night and it was sooo delicious!!! My husband never has sausages and he loved them!!
Would we be able to get another half lamb please and some extra sausages? - Serena

My gosh Danielle. We had the first of our lamb tonight. Lamb shanks so sweet and beautiful honestly the nicest we have ever had.

We love the sausages, that are the best sausages we have ever eaten - Jennifer R

The steak was so tender with great taste. We are very happy.

Now that's what I call a delicious T-bone. Absolutely beautiful done on the BBQ. Haven't tasted a steak so good since having yours - Larry W

Cooked our roast tonight and it was delicious!

Just picked up my first lamb order annnnnd WOW!!! Talk about exceeding customer expectations.
The funny thing is, I'm pretty excited about the sausages. It comes from a good source that they are the bomb.
Thanks Hills to Grills - Dean D

I'm so glad we found out about your lamb packs! The lamb is so delicious!
I can't wait to put in my first beef order - Rebecca S

Hello Danielle, Mark and I are having your T Bone for dinner tonight. Delicious!!
What wonderful products you are selling. Congratulations!! We are loving your beef and lamb. Teresa xx

We just had the scotch for dinner oh my gosh absolutely beautiful!!!
So tender and juicy thanks so much for supplying amazing quality produce we will be back for more - Amanda A


We appreciate your business!

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