Crawney's Hills To Grills

A family box includes:

- 2 x Scotch Fillet
- 2 x T-Bone
- 1 x Rump
- 2 x Y Blade Steak
- 1 x Bolar Blade Steak
- 1 x Corn Meat
- 2kg Mince
- 2kg Sausages (Gluten and Preservative Free)
- 1kg Diced Beef

Please pick from the options on the order form to complete your box.

A 1/8 Beast Box includes:

- 4 x Scotch Fillet
- 4 x T-Bone
- 2 x Rump
- 4 x Y Blade Steak
- 2 x Bolar Blade Steak
- 1 x Corn Meat
- 4kg Mince
- 4kg Sausages (Gluten and Preservative Free)
- 2kg Diced Beef
- 1 x Brisket

Please pick from the options on the order form to complete your box.

With a 1/4 and 1/2 Beast Box, you get more of every cut plus brisket, ribs and eye fillet.
You get a mixture of the hind and front quarter.
Please include offal or bones in the special requests box.

Please Note:
- Box weight is the meat in the box you will get after it has been cut and packed.
- Your order will come in a chilled box, you will need to bring your own ice if required.
- Once we process your order, you will get a confirmation notice and the invoice for payment will be sent once the order has been packed. Payment via bank transfer or cash on pick up.
- Delivery will be once a fortnight.

Beef Pack Orders

Complete all the details below:
Please check the next delivery dates for your area.

Please allow a couple of kg either way.

OPTIONS: Please pick from the following options to complete your box
Top Side

Please view our Price List and add any additional products you would like added to your order.
All offal, dog bones and dog mince are $5.00 per kg.


Cap - Colour : Forest Green $20 each
Cap - Colour : Navy $20 each
Ponytail Cap - Colour: Ocean Blue $20 each
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