Crawney's Hills To Grills

A full lamb pack includes:

- Back Leg Roast x 2 - your choice full or half leg
- Shanks x 4
- Shoulder Roast or Forequarter Chop - your choice
- Loin Chops
- Cutlets or leave as a rack - your choice
- Neck Chops
- Ribs
- Lamb Sausages (gluten and preservative free)

1/2 and 1/4 lamb includes the same option, but less kg every pack will have a roast and a variety of chops.

Please Note:
- Box weight is the meat in the box you will get after it has been cut and packed.
- Your order will come in a chilled box, you will need to bring your own ice if required.
- All other cuts that haven't been mentioned will come standard.
- Offal will be available on special request -please include that on the order form.
- Once we process your order, you will get a confirmation notice and the invoice for payment will be sent once the order has been packed. Payment via bank transfer or cash on pick up.
- Delivery will be once a fortnight.

Lamb Pack Orders

Complete all the details below:
Please check the next delivery dates for your area.

Please allow a couple of kg either way.

OPTIONS: - Only available in the Full Lamb and 1/2 Lamb
Roast Size

Please view our Price List and add any additional products you would like added to your order.
All offal, dog bones and dog mince are $5.00 per kg.


Cap - Colour : Forest Green $20 each
Cap - Colour : Navy $20 each
Ponytail Cap - Colour: Ocean Blue $20 each
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